Benefits of RecurDyn V8R5 SP1.2

  • Stability of RecurDyn/Plot improved, especially for large result files
  • Fixed: “Force Display” disappeared after resuming a simulation with display animation function
  • Fixed: After changing graphic properties of bodies like color or visibility, the results disappeared and had to be imported again.
  • The result of “Scope Expression” for “AX”, “AY”, and “AZ” functions was incorrect.
  • RecurDyn/RFlex supports “ANSYS 18” version
  • When quad patches of a flexible body are used for a node to face contact pattern in “Geo Surface Contact”, the contact force distribution to nodes of the patch has been improved. It can cause a solution change.
  • The Translator for CATIA has been upgraded to support V5-6R2016 and V6R2017x products.


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