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Good afternoon FunctionBay staff,

I want to know if there is possibility to call a Marker at system level in a function expression when we are in a subsystem ?

For example :
- Body 1 (@ system level) with Marker 1
- Body 2 in Subsystem1 with Marker 2
I want to model a spring between these 2 bodies.
- In the system level : Ex1 = k * (DX(1) - DX(2)) with arguments 1:Body1.Marker1, 2:Body2.Marker2@Subsystem1
In the Subsystem1 : Ex1 = k * (DX(1) - DX(2)) with arguments 1: ????????, 2:Body2.Marker2...
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FunctionBay shared a video in Machinery Industry page. 2 days ago

RecurDyn MachineTool simulation


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RecurDyn MachineTool Simulation

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FunctionBay shared a video in Machinery Industry page. 7 days ago

Belt system simulation

RecurDyn Application — Belt System — Multibody...

- Performs fast and easy analysis based on the contact settings specialized for a belt assembly. - Performs fast and accurate analysis on the stress applied...

FunctionBay shared a video in Automotive Industry page. 7 days ago

Test rig simulation

4 - Post Test Rig Simulation by RecurDyn

This video shows 4-post test rig simulation by RecurDyn meta model technology. Based on a set of measured vibration data and a multibody dynamics model, Recu...

FunctionBay shared a video in Machinery Industry page. 7 days ago

Forklift simulation with chain assemblies

[RecurDyn] Forklift simulation with Chain...

This video shows the simulation result of the Forklift model which includes the chain assemblies Even if this model includes lots of chain links (128 links),...

Simulation of a robot which clims stairs using RecurDyn

Simulation of a Robot which climbs stairs using...

This video shows the robot simulation which climbs stairs using RecurDyn. The accurate and fast contact algorithm is very important for this kind of simulati...

FunctionBay shared a video in Motorsport Industry page. 7 days ago

Transmission simulation

RecurDyn Application — Transmission — Multibody...

- Performs dynamic analysis of the gears made of flexible bodies. - Performs fast contact analysis of complex gears. - Visually checks the contact force base...

FunctionBay shared a video in Motorsport Industry page. 7 days ago

Motorcycle Engine simulation

RecurDyn Application — Motorcycle Engine —...

RFlex Pressure Load - Applies a force to a PatchSet using a Pressure Direction and Pressure Expression. - Piston or Cylinder walls dynamics analysis with com...


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